HIJOS DE G. RUIZ, S.A. founded in 1960, has dedicated itself from the beginning to the creation of its own design of models manufactured for diverse branches of the industry.

Currently, one of our main activities involves national manufacture of a wide range of models in MONEY COUNTERS, under the brand name EUROCONTA, which include manual portables, electric portables and electric desk models, exclusively distributed by our firm.

We offer AFTERSALES SERVICE for maintenance and replacement parts. Our aim is to constantly improve our models.

As the pioneers in achieving greater speed in counting, easily demonstrable in relation to different brands on the market, we have attained a necessary and indispensable yield in the minimum of time-something which is highly important in terms of profits by companies in the industry, with their demands for the evolution of constantly improving technology to facilitate handling and speed.

We are able to guarantee the careful selection of the materials used in our products, always of high quality, confident that it classifies abreast of the leaders in the field.

And we are happy to be the major suppliers of the most highly industry market.